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A brand is more than a product or service, and markets have different behaviours and perceptions. We test how brands work based on our clients’ objectives, and we provide them with the roadmap to be part of the market where the brand will fit best.

Brand Internationalisation

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Brand internationalisation includes many different aspects that must be taken into consideration to fit into new markets. 

When growing a brand outside of our local market, a good place to start is the naming process, making sure that the current name fits into the market we want to penetrate. We also check the phonetics of the different languages to avoid mistakes that could have a high cost for the brand in the future. 

Thinking globally is what we do at The brand click. We monitor the legal aspects related to branding in each country, such as packaging regulations for example. 

Expanding into new markets can also require rethinking parts of the design, and even reinventing certain aspects of a business. For example, the brand image or the communication pillars to make them locally relevant and impactful. 

This reinvention also applies to the marketing and communication plan which needs to be revised, and this can extend all the way to the production line. For this reason, it is necessary to have knowledge of the market the brand wants to expand too. 

At The brand click we have the knowledge and experience in markets around the world that make our clients’ brands fit in more fluidly. 

Market trends also influence the internationalisation process of a brand. It is not enough just to think about approaching a market. It is important to consider if that market will have a place for a new player, which is why one of our services is the coolhunting methodology. We analyse market trends and how they can influence the growth process of our clients’ brands, their products, and services. 

At The brand click we use different methodologies that nourish our clients throughout the whole processes of preparing a brand for to go international. 

Our processes also include the go-to- market strategy, which is the strategy that best suits the market our clients’ want to penetrate. 

We also provide recommendations according to regulations in the target market, which reflect certain specific commercialisation conditions, allowing our clients to avoid roadblock later in their brand’s growth. 

Set up a free consultation call and we will talk about your short-, medium-, and long-term objectives.

We can add value and make your brand access those markets you want to approach in the best way. 

A global brand building strategy is, in reality, a local plan for every market.

Martin Lindstrom



TBClick Sprint is a toolkit composed of iterative and interlinked modules that provide the framework and pillars to build your brand and its internationalisation strategy. 

The process involves all the necessary stakeholders through workshops, and we build a single source of truth to foster collaboration and transparency. 

Our goal is to combine user experience, brand strategy and growth strategy to encourage a more holistic mindset towards creating truly international consumer-first brands. 

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